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The Millionaire Maker A complete guide to financial freedom



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The Millionaire Maker can pave the way to your financial success. Why so expensive? Because The Millionaire Maker is no ordinary book. It’s a collection of short, quick bits of universal wisdom about life, opportunity, wealth, and more. It shares not only the author’s secrets, but those of superstars like Warren Buffett and Donald Trump.

The beautifully printed book will run you $995, though it does come with a money-back guarantee. But, this book is much more than the collected wisdom of some of the wealthiest individuals alive today and from the 20th century. It’s the reader’s passport into the world Matthias Schmelz lives in as a successful business owner and multimillionaire. It is filled with more than 400 pages of advice on the attitudes, habits, organizational and time management skills, investment tools and strategies employed by the world richest people.

In The Millionaire Maker, the author of the book, Matthias Schmelz describes the concepts that he personally used to shape his destiny and attain financial stability. Readers will find a dizzying range of insights and practical wisdom that not only teach, but lead them through a one-on-one experience toward the development of the mindset, habits and ideas that lead to wealth.